Tips to longer lasting Lipsense

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to help your Lipsense stay on longer, keep reading!

Right off the bat, Lipsense is a PATENT (which means there is nothing else like it on the market) brand of Lipstick. It will last you anywhere from 4-18 hours depending on what you’ve eaten and how many times you’ve reapplied the gloss.

The first tip: exfoliate your lips! The dead skin on your lips doesn’t enable the Lipsense to properly bind to your lips so if you exfoliate prior to applying Lipsense, you’ll notice it will stay put for much longer!

The second tip: apply the gloss throughout the day! I say this for two reasons. Number one; the gloss will penetrate your Lipsense Colour and hydrate your lips. Number two; the gloss will protect the Lipsense colour from the food you eat, your saliva, air!

The third tip: make sure to allow drying time between each layer. Especially if you chose a Matte colour, I find those need a few more extras seconds of drying time! After applying a layer, make sure to touch your lips, if you feel like it’s still a little bit wet, let it dry longer.

My fourth and final tip on applying Lipsense is to do thin layers. Lipsense is a 3 layer system, so make sure you don’t have too much product on the wand! Thin layers help your Lipsense to not flake off

or crumble off.

I hope this helps! I’m always here to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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