SeneDerm® Collagen Night Pak by SeneGence® is a break-through anti-aging sleep treatment product that harnesses the power of 100% natural marine collagen, revitalizing caffeine, and SeneGence’s proprietary anti-aging complex, SenePlex Complex™ Plus, to seal in moisture while you sleep, and to create a protective veil that helps to prevent drying and damage that occurs overnight and can lead to unwanted signs of aging.

Collagen Night Pak

  • SeneDerm® Collagen Night Pak SeneDerm® Collagen Night Pak with SenePlex Complex™ is formulated with rich, natural, plant-based marine collagen that will help to improve skin regeneration, help stabilize and maintain moisture levels throughout the night, and help to rebuild the skin’s collagen matrix during sleep. Collagen Night Pak can aid in delaying the skin’s aging process by intensifying skin’s elasticity and working to visibly decrease wrinkles. Your skin naturally loses moisture during the sleeping process, and can even become damaged and wrinkled by your pillow. When gently mixed with any formula of SeneDerm® Evening Moisturizer, Collagen Night Pak creates a cushion like buffer that helps decrease folds in skin caused by surface pressures. It also acts as a light mask to prevent the loss of beneficial ingredients of the moisturizers you apply each night. Night Pak actually helps rebuild and strengthen your skin’s natural collagen matrix to reveal healthy, younger looking skin upon waking. Two separate phases of cream and gel give maximum efficiency and efficacy. SenePlex+ is now visibly seen as a spiral matrix with the mineral portions of SenePlex Complex™ Plus seen as gold specs. The blue gel contains natural components, which synergic operation answers the requirements of mature skin with propensity for loss of elasticity. Collagen Night Pak protects from aggressive influence of external factors (free radicals), and offers skin’s cells revitalization and nutrition. Rich in marine collagen, which improves processes of regeneration in epidermis and helps to rebuild the skins collagen matrix, Collagen Night Pak works to improve and helps to stabilize moisture levels. This effect gently strains the skin and intensifies its elasticity and works to visibly decreases wrinkles. SeneDerm® Collagen Night Pak with SenePlex Complex™ is suitable for all skin types.

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